At Casa Sula we believe that our fees and tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education.

It is our responsibility to ensure that adequate financial resources are available for the school and that enrollment is as available and affordable as possible to all families.

Yearly & Monthly Fees 2022 – Full year & 6 month attendance.

The full annual period is from January to December 2022.

In two semesters:
1st -From January to June 2022
2nd – From July to December 2022

1) ADMISSIONS Consultation Fee

Consultation fee $250.00 USD.
All new families need to attend a consultation with the Orion Group to learn how to integrate the Sula pedagogy into the family’s daily life.

2) ENROLLMENT Fees – per period

Semillero 1 – $ 600.00 USD per period of registration per child/teen.
Semillero 2 – $ 650.00 USD per period of registration per child/teen.

3) MONTHLY – Tuition Fees

3a) $ 520.00 USD per month per child with a stay of one year (Includes snack and lunch).
3b) $ 620.00 USD per month per child with a stay of 6 months (Includes snack and lunch).

Methods of Payment for Tuition

Monthly Payments
The entire amount of monthly tuition is paid through Banco Nacional. Payments must be complete by the 1st of each month. Otherwise, a service fee of $40 will be charged.

Late Payments

Failure to pay tuition for two months will result in the student not being admitted to school until the fees are paid in full.

The steps to follow for enrollment:

1) Fill and send to us the document ‘Life’s story’ to continue with the process.
2) Grupo Orion will schedule an appointment for a Consultation. The consultation fee of $250.00 needs to be paid prior to the appointment date.
3) Confirm the registration by email.
4) Sign the financial contract that will be sent by Casa Sulà’s office through which you commit to staying at Casa Sulà for the period confirmed.
5) Fill out and submit all the documents required.*
6) Pay the enrollment fee as per period of assistance.
7) Pay the first month of assistance to Casa Sulà.

Payments To:
Banco Nacional
Casa Sula Sociedad Anónima
Cédula Jurídica: 3-101-709163
Banco Nacional
Account number in US Dollars
IBAN: CR 59015101620020035624