Hi Espe, thank you for the opportunity to share our experience at home with our children with you!

Q. General information of the family, how many members, family environment and any aspect that you consider relevant.

-We are four members in our family: mom, dad, an 8 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. The kids’ grandparents live nearby so we spend a lot of time together which is very special for us. We live on the beach on the central coast of Costa Rica and love water activities.

Q. Why did you choose education based on prepared environments at home? 

-After our experience in an internship at Casa Sulà for three weeks as a family, it was very clear that the prepared environments offer security and flow for children on their journey of learning and personal development. As we live an hour from Casa Sulà we decided to attend two days a week there and the other days at home. 

Q. What difficulties and successes have you encountered at home? 

-Our oldest son sometimes says he would like to be with more children and tells me that I am speaking like a teacher. I assure him that I am not a teacher and there are certain things that are similar at Casa Sulà as at home though our house is not Casa Sulà and there are things that we do differently as well. 

He is very social and spends a lot of time with friends sharing common activities so I think that the time we spend at home as a family cooking, spending time on the beach, biking, and in our prepared environments creates a nice balance between family and friends.

Q. How has this type of learning changed the family environment?

-There is much more tranquility and peace in the family environment now. Since all the areas where our kids move through are more accessible to them, they are much more independent and proud to carry out daily tasks without having to ask for so much help. To resolve conflicts we talk about relative consequences for their actions so there is no need for us to yell or punish if they do not fulfill a responsibility. 

Q. How do you find this kind of learning in relation to your children‘s needs to cope in life? 

-Finding child-led learning in prepared environments has shown me how I can totally trust the learning process of each of one of our children in their unique way. With the combination of this type of learning and the trust of the parents, the perfect recipe is created for the child to feel whole, secure, and have love for his or her body, mind, and spirit. With this grounded base, their paths may be full of healthy relationships, opportunities and positive experiences! 

Q. How do you think this type of education has affected you as parents and people? Do you recommend homeschooling?

-I hope that every family interested in healthy family development can have the opportunity to “unschool” or at least spend some time together in prepared learning environments. It has changed how I present myself in this world as a mother, partner and human being. I have never been so present with my children. It is through presence and empathy that I believe that we can truly share experiences in this world with our children.