Many moms and dads are overwhelmed by the task of teaching their children to be orderly.

After several years, where the words of the texts give way to experiences, I realized the accuracy of María Montessori’s observations on the order-sensitive period: 1-3 years old.

The order understood not as perfection in the task, but as the child’s need to finish what is started and organize what is in the environment to locate it later when they need it. Order as part of doing.

As children have sensitivity to order, the way to support them is in the prepared and relaxed environment. Prepared because it contains things that they can manage, use safely, with clear references of place, at their reach and, also, where they can imitate what everyone does. Relaxed, by respectful accompaniment to their rhythms, their sensory needs, their developing cognitive capacity and especially their need to create and maintain links through accompaniment: that is, to feel loved.

Margarita Valencia
Semillero 1
Casa Sulà
December 2019