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Marco was eleven years old when he insisted that he no longer wanted to stayed in the conventional educational system, it was becoming more and more difficult for him to continue attending school. His family was inquiring not only about other places, but about another system that respected the needs of the child.


Marco tenía once años cuando insistió en que no se quedaba más en el sistema educativo convencional, cada vez le era más pesado continuar asistiendo a la escuela. En la familia estaban indagando no únicamente sobre otros lugares sino sobre otro sistema que respetara las necesidades del niño.

Develando la naturaleza del aprendizaje.

El aprendizaje va a tono con la vida, porque el ser humano, no solo que se adapta al cambio, sino que tiene la oportunidad de incidir en su entorno, con transformaciones profundas de acuerdo a su singularidad.

Unveiling the nature of learning.

Learning is in tune with life, because the human being, not only adapts to change, but has the opportunity to influence her/his environment, with deep transformations according to her/his uniqueness.

Interview with Zephyr Lange – Educating at home & Casa Sulà.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience at home with our children with you!


¿Qué es lo que se activa con el uso de materiales concretos?

Finding Waldorf Inspiration at Casa Sula – Free School Learning Near Atenas Costa Rica

I’m having a revelatory moment.  You know in University when you realize that all of the religions are teaching the same thing, and what’s really important is the kindness we can bring to our everyday lives.  I’m starting to think similarly about early childhood education.

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