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Inspired by the pedagogy of the Centro Experimental Pestalozzi Ecuador, Casa Sula offers each child the best opportunity to reach their full potential of any Costa Rica school. Teachers give children the time to learn at their own pace, listen to them with an open heart, and empower them as individuals at all ages.

Using Montessori educational materials and tools collected from 25 years of teaching experience, Casa Sula facilitators devote their lives to awakening each child’s potential.
Parents share their experiences with Grupo Orion – TESTIMONIALS

Margarita Valencia

A mother of two children and a graduate in Pedagogy-Educational Sciences, Margarita Valencia has been working with children for 28 years. Initially working in the area of human rights for children, she began working with the Pestalozzi Educational Foundation. While working there for more than ten years, she was deeply inspired and worked in every aspect of the school – preschool, primary, secondary, administrative even building materials in carpentry. When the Pestalozzi school closed, Margarita focused on mothering her children. In 2009 she moved to Brazil where she began working with parents and families focusing on the principles of inquiry-based learning and preparing spaces in the home for self learning in an harmonious and diverse environment. She co-founded Grupo Orion in 2012 which continues this work with families by offering consultations, seminars and private courses for parents and groups that are interested in unconventional learning.

Esperanza Chacón

After working with indigenous communities and popular sectors in Ecuador, Esperanza Chacon became involved in education when seeking an innovative form of education for his own daughter. In 1988, she became part of the Educational Foundation Pestalozzi, actively participating in educational and administrative teams for 25 years; a path that has led her to research and deepen on new educational approaches and the nature of the self-taught human being. In this context she promoted the use of complementary currencies and co-created the intentional community called “Leon Dormido-Pild.”  Her motivation has been to promote new paradigms that respect life.
“En el brillo de sus ojos”(2018)
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CO-AUTHOR with Edgar Espinosa
“El encanto del autodescubrimiento” (2020)

At a broad social level, she participated in the diagnosis and design of educational proposal for the Shuar Arutam people in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and also in the implementation of the Centers for Autonomous Activities CEPAS in ten provinces of Ecuador. She formed Orion Group in 2012 with Margarita and Edgar, whose purpose is to accompany communication processes to families practicing homeschooling and implementing prepared and relaxed environments. This work is done in Ecuador (their country of origin), in Colombia, Argentina and especially in Brazil.

Edgar Espinosa

Edgar Espinosa worked in Andean ancestral communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon implementing an educational practice with innovative pedagogical approaches; creating environments for the development of people, and also designing and developing teaching material for learning mathematics and language. He published a Manual of Mathematics in 1993. Edgar contributed to the creation of autonomous centers Activities “CEPAS,” an educational project carried out by the Pestalozzi Foundation. Edgar is a passionate facilitator for the education of children, youth and adults. He also runs workshops on sound as a form of self-healing and shares his passion in creating musical instruments. As co-founder of Orion Group, he contributed to the creation of a network of support for families that make homeschooling in Brazil, Ecuador and Argentina.
CO-AUTHOR with Esperanza Chacon
“El encanto del autodescubrimiento” (2020)

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