Family Immersions on Our Prepared Environment and Community

Many families would like to visit our school for a short period of time to experience the prepared and relaxed environments, the methodology and the community around Casa Sula.

With this purpose, we offer the possibility to stay a minimum period of 1 month* and have and immersive experience where parents and their children can integrate to the environments and activities of Casa Sula, and stay on the community of  La Ecovilla. Which is only 10 minutes away from School.

Casa Sula does not rent spaces but sometimes can helps to coordinate the staying at Casa Triskel.

*Attendance needs to get approved by our Teachers.

Spaces For Rent

Casa Triskel is a very popular community house inside La Ecovilla. It has 6 bedrooms around a huge common area. 4 rooms are for rent. It is ideal for people who want to live and experience community!

Every 2 rooms share a bathroom and there is a big kitchen to share.

The school bus picks up the kids a few steps from the house on its way through La Ecovilla.

Please see below pictures and get in touch with Sophie Hardy, the owner of Casa Triskel.

(506) 87184331